Featured by PreSonus


After a keen-eyed member of the PreSonus team spotted Studio One being used in the video for Steve Heron’s “I Swear Blind”, I was prompted to write some session notes and send them their way.

Rather awesomely, I was featured in the ‘user stories’ section on their website!

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Home-made shaker


Here’s one I made earlier…

Home-made shaker I found a pretty, long metal cylinder in my kitchen that some chocolates once came in (or was it pasta? Something delicious, anyway!) and I decided to give it a new lease of life as a musical instrument rather than throw it away.

Once I’d cleaned it out and dried it off, I filled it up half-way with brown rice and topped it off with a bit of bulgur wheat. Then it was just a case of gluing the lid on with some kit-model adhesive and BOOM! A new music toy was born.

Here’s a short demo of how it sounds just using an Audix i5 mic from about 20cm away, no effects, nothing fancy.



I can barely contain my excitement.

Can you tell?

After spending years recording people with only word-of-mouth as my promoter, I’ve finally caved and created an online space for all that work to be catalogued and to showcase my future musical adventures.

Bookmark this page if you think that’s the sort of thing that might interest you.
If not, shove it right up yourself.